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  1. Rambling About Feminism and Porn

    I wrote this privately to Dani, and she asked me to share it.

    Remember what you said about fighting for the right for women to go topless, and then choosing not to go topless yourself? My *gosh* that seems like a perfect expression of my thoughts on sex work recently. To explain, I have to take a big step back.

    I have a sad, frustrating relationship with feminism. I've identified as a liberal ever since college, and ever since then I've tried, and failed, to "be ...
    Rants & Musings
  2. The spirit's time has come

  3. My Raw Self

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    I'm raw to the core and typically at home with myself. However, my non-conformity and unconventional (aka eccentric) behaviour tend to make the spiritually-bereft a little uneasy.

    I've lived a lifetime of breaking out of uniform little boxes designed to turn people into complacent societal zombies. I've watched as various professionals scrambled to affix labels (aka disorders) to my being, constructing further barriers against inclusion. ...
  4. Have you tried turning it off and on?

    Ozzy went out fishing for the better part of yesterday, which meant I had some quiet time to myself to... oh I dunno... write, read, turn up the music and dance around the apartment like a mad woman... no wait, I already do that.

    But whatever cruel disciple of time I had watching over me yesterday, decided that it would be better for me to occupy myself otherwise. Instead, ...
  5. Poverty Sucks

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    If you're like me (i.e. disabled and subsisting off a disability pension and/or supplements from the provincial government) then you've probably already received tons of well-meaning links/texts, etc. from friends about FREE money/benefits/services you can get from the government (or other seemingly legit organizations) just for being disabled.

    I don't blame people for wanting to help, and I'm even okay with their enthusiasm, as misguided ...
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