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Dani Oliver

My Raw Self

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I'm raw to the core and typically at home with myself. However, my non-conformity and unconventional (aka eccentric) behaviour tend to make the spiritually-bereft a little uneasy.

I've lived a lifetime of breaking out of uniform little boxes designed to turn people into complacent societal zombies. I've watched as various professionals scrambled to affix labels (aka disorders) to my being, constructing further barriers against inclusion.

Sometimes those barriers, however, also act as filters -- opening the door to fellow travellers, explorers, soul-searchers. In the end, I believe I have benefited from embracing who I truly am.

As I stand in the doorway to my 53rd year in the loving embrace of Gaia, I do so with a light and happy heart. I am ready for what is to come.

*global hug*

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