This was brought to my attention by a friend MW3 clan ~IgA~'s members. this Admin MW3 tool seems to have a better graphical interface I like it a little better than MW3SA one Found here=

I still think MW3SA is a great program just like the interface that ModernAdmin_1.1.2 provides a little more.

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ModernAdmin Server Tool

I thought i would share this tool with you since i like it alot. It is a tool like MW3SA but i prefer it. It is a votekicking tool. Aslong as the Host of the game is running it all other players in the lobby also running the tool may votekick a player. As soon as the votes reach more then 50% of the people using Modern Admin the player will be kicked from the server like with MW3SA. I consider this tool more balanced since not only one person decides if a player should be kicked. This reduces abuse of "power" by a single person. It is still in development and contains an autoupdater.

Current feature list:
- An easy to use HTTP web server interface
- Displays the current Host
- Player profile links
- Ban Streaming*
- Vote kicking
- Chat logging
- Auto updater
- Kill log to show who has killed you or who you have killed

*Ban streaming is an option to "report" a player with the tool. This report is in no way linked to a report over steam. Once enough reports are made for a single player that player will be instantly autokicked if the host is running Modern Admin. So basically a global blacklist.

I would like to point out that this tool has not been coded by me but i stongly support the idea. The coder is very open to sugestions about features and potential improvements to the tool. He is also looking for some C++ programmers to maybe help him out with some of the code.


Screenshot of version 0.1.0
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Screenshot of beta version 1.1.b (pre 1.1.0 but what it looks like now ):
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How to use:
1. Start tool
2. Be host
3. Go to http://localhost:3060/ in the steam ingame browser

Link to Steamgroup:
It simple and easy to use and Great Program. Enjoy all