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  • Adobe Reader No Longer Supports Vista

    If you're using Vista and you're having trouble updating Adobe Reader, it's because Adobe no longer supports Vista. What's amusing, is that it still supports XP (which Windows will no longer support after 4/8/14). Boffo!

    So what you need to do is trick the downloader into thinking you're using either XP or Windows 7. On the computer in question, I'm using Vista 32-bit, but I lied and said I'm using Windows 7. I feel so sinful. But this little bit of trickery seems to be the only way to stop the OCD loop I go into every time I see the "Adobe Acrobat is known to be vulnerable and should be updated" error message (in Firefox under Plugins).

    Don't even bother clicking on "Update Now" if you're using Vista. It will only taunt you by taking you to a page that outlines why "Adobe Reader 9.5.1 and lower has been blocked for your protection." Which is kind of silly, since I'm currently running I was running, but after the updates kept failing, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, only to find that the latest update I could get was the aforementioned Oh bother!

    So here's what you need to do...

    1. Click on this link: http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/
    2. Under "Step 1" lie through your teeth and tell it you're using Windows 7
    3. Select your language under "Step 2"
    4. Under "Step 3" choose "Reader 11.0.04 English for Windows"
    5. Click on the "Download Now" button
    6. Click on the "Save File" button
    7. If you're using Firefox, after the download completes, click on the Green Arrow at the top right-hand side of your browser (to the far right of your address bar). If you click on the file from there, it will open up a dialogue box which asks "Do you want to run this file?" Go ahead and click "Run".
    You may have to temporarily disable your antivirus software. If you don't know how to do that, just ask. Don't forget to mention which AV you're using. I'm not a mind reader.

    When it asks how you want to keep updated, I chose "Notify me, but let me choose when to download and install updates". I do this because in the past I've sometimes found out too late that the latest version of Adobe Reader messed my stuff up. I like to do a little research first before I download and install the latest updates. But this is a personal preference. Select whichever option you're comfortable with.

    From there, the installation should run smoothly (said with tongue in cheek). Let's face it, Adobe installations are not known for their flawless executions. So getting back to reality, you might receive the error message: "Warning 1910.Could not remove shortcut Adobe Reader X.lnk. Verify that the shortcut file exists and that you can access it". I just click "OK", then after the installation is complete, I run CCleaner and badda boom Bob's yer uncle.

    If all goes according to plan, you should see...

    Lastly, just to be on the safe side, I created a System Restore Point first. Probably a totally useless step, but a little bit of paranoia... I mean "caution"... has (almost) always served me well.

    Good luck!

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Adobe Reader No Longer Supports Vista started by Dugchugger View original post
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