• Swordsman Closed Beta

    For those of you who are interested in trying out new Betas there is another one coming down the pipeline with access starting June 16, 2014. Swordsman is going to be a Free-to-play martial arts style MMO by Perfect World. For anyone who would like more information on Swordsman feel free to follow the link provided. For more information on just the Beta this will help. For those out there who just want to join me in hoping for a Beta Code, here is the link for Signing Up. As for the game play, not sure what to expect in regards to liking it or not but I think it will be fun to try a game built on a different fighting style than what I normally play. From what I can tell from visuals of the screen shots I have seen, the art work of the game looks to be quite lovely and picturesque.
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      Lego -
      Anyone else get into the closed beta?