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  • Dani's Crazy Good Chicken Rolls

    This is just another one of those versatile recipes that inspires you to substitute your own ingredients to make it your very own. In this case, after drooling over a recipe for Low Carb Sushi I was inspired to try something similar with chicken. The only common ingredient between the two recipes, however, is the cream cheese, because dammit... cream cheese goes with everything - much like my all-time fave taste trio of jalapeno-bacon-cheese. This recipe is for 2 people (made approximately 9 rolls).

    Dani's Crazy Good Chicken Rolls


    300 g Chicken breasts - skinless, boneless
    1 raw Jalapeno pepper - chopped into thick 1" chunks
    50 g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    50 g Old cheddar cheese
    4 slices Bacon


    Preheat the oven to 400F.

    1. Cut the chicken into thin strips (approx. 1" wide, approx. 4" long and .5" thick). Use a meat tenderizer to make the slice nice and thin - but not pulverized into oblivion - it needs to wrap around the contents without falling to pieces. By the time I was finished whacking them with the hammer, they were a sufficient width and length ready for rolling.
    2. I combined the old cheddar and cream cheese in a microwaveable bowl and nuked it for a minute - took it out, stirred it, nuked it for another 30 seconds, stirred again. I set it aside to cool briefly to enable me to handle it without burning my hands (2 mins tops or else it'll lose its pliability).
    3. Once cooled, I broke the cheese up into 9 separate pieces (because that's how many chicken rolls I ended up with). Then I took each piece, rolled it between my hands until it was a sufficient length (at least half the size of the chicken slice), then pressed the cheese into the chicken and spread it out until it was about 1" away from each end.
    4. I cleaned the seeds from the jalapeno, then chopped it up into as many pieces as I needed for each roll (in this case, 9). Then I placed a slice of jalapeno at one end, then rolled the chicken up as tight as I could until reaching the other end. Taking a piece of bacon, I wrapped it around the roll. I didn't need to use toothpicks because everything just sort of stuck together nicely - and the more it cooked, the more effective the bacon was at keeping it all together.
    5. I put each roll in a 13x9x2in (33x22.9x5.08cm) casserole dish (pictured above) and cooked in the preheated oven for 45 mins - because we like our bacon crispy.

    Apart from the fact that far too much of the cheese leaked out (yeah, I saw that coming), this was a HUGE success. We'll have to try this again using a different type of cheese. Swiss, maybe? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ozzy has given his approval with a "Definite Do Again" but requested that next time I make more of them.

    This took me about 25 minutes to prepare (mainly because it was my first time - I bet next time I could do it in 15) and 45 mins to cook.

    Per Serving (4.5 rolls):
    Calories 547 | Net Carbs 4 | Fat 37 | Protein 50

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