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  • Comment to Christy Clark

    I was skimming over the comments to Ms. Clark's last post on her Facebook wall regarding her desire to "[reach] across party lines to get things done." I was disappointed to see some of the hateful comments posted, some of which were unnecessary personal attacks.

    While I'm glad that her reign of irresponsibility towards the disadvantaged in the province is coming to an end, I think that we can still band together to see Ms. Clark off in style. Perhaps a consolation gift like a framed picture of the homeless, or a family renovicted from their home due to Clark's changes to the Residential Tenancy Act in 2002, etc. At the very least, a polite "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out" is better than some of the nasty comments left on her wall.

    But I wanted to say my piece, as well. I wanted to let her know why I didn't vote for her and why I think she should speed up her exit for the betterment of all British Columbians. Here's my comment: