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  • First Impressions of Quake Champions

    Well, first off, it's just like Quake III Arena. There's no room for noob growth in this game. The Matching System seems to put lv 1's with lv 40's. This has its ups and downs forcing you to get good quick, but at the same time I see it discouraging noobs real fast.

    I experienced this firsthand when at lv 1 I was put against lv 40's who'd already unlocked weapons and armors I didn't yet have access to. As a seasoned player I found it somewhat challenging, but it might be just enough to discourage someone new to these types of games.


    This game seems to have 3 different currencies:

    • Platinum - used for permanently unlocking characters and buying higher-end crates
    • Credits - used to buy 24-hr use of characters and lower-end crates
    • Rubies - seems to be only used at this point to buy and unlock gear and weapons for characters

    Note: Platinum can only be obtained by RMT (Real-Money Trade). Credits and Rubies can be obtained in-game through gameplay.

    The Game Mode System

    • Death Match
    • Duel - 1v1, Team vs Team
    • Team Death Match
    • Sacrifice <-haven't played this yet but am under the impression it's very similar to a capture-and-hold
    • There are two more matching systems that are labelled as "coming soon" (capture-the-flag, king-of-the-hill?)

    Just a few heads up, there's a known loading bug that's simply fixed by closing the game down and reloading it. This was supposed to be fixed in the last patch but I can't confirm this as I've not been affected by this particular bug yet. I have, however, been subjected to abnormally long load times. This is a known issue as well and I hear there are plans to fix this soon.

    Gameplay is smooth and very fast paced, much like Quake III Arena -- just with much nicer graphics. I'm using an MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING 6G, 6GB 192-Bit GDDR5 ATX Video Card and play the game with high setting and still manage to average about 86 FPS. I tend to get the odd lag spike when playing with other players with a much higher ping than me. But I'm sure once the game goes live they'll be better able to match the diversity of players ping and level-wise.

    Now, there is an item mall in the game as I heard it's going to be free-to-play; but I also heard there will be no way to pay to win -- it'll be skill-based alone. However, unless they fix this matching system, that'll be a little hard to believe if they're still matching lvl 1's against players that have unlocked all the top-end guns and other gear. I noticed some of the other players' damage output was much higher than mine using the same guns. And I witnessed some players pulling off 360-degree head shots on 3 or more players at a time. I know I'm getting old and my reflexes aren't what they used to be, but that was a little too amazing of them to kill 4 people in such a manner.

    Item Mall

    This item mall allows you to unlock such items as listed above with the different currencies:

    One big part of FPS games like this is partying with my friends and this game does not disappoint. There's a simple way to search for and add friends to a friends-list and party up with them. Then party leaders can join party-appropriate games.

    Arrow 1
    is the Contact "friends - list"

    Arrow 2
    is the party

    There are many champions to choose from as of right now. All but one of them you have to pay to unlock. Each champion has its own unique quality that can work to your advantage or cause you to rage. I don't want to give too much away so I'm only showing screenshots of two of them.

    Daily Challenges

    This is a feature I really like. Each day you can log in and earn extra credit by simply carrying out little tasks, like "hit the same target 2 consecutive times with a rail gun, five times" - which then yields you 3k credits.

    I know this game is still in closed beta and there are more openings at the moment, but for now I'll post some random screenshots and see what you think.

    I found this on YouTube so I'm adding it here as well for your viewing pleasure...

    Happy gaming all!

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    1. OzDragon's Avatar
      OzDragon -
      Just a heads up the last round of beta testing is now closed but they already posted on there forums when the next round will start.

      Quote Originally Posted by https://bethesda.net/community/topic/39209/closed-beta-schedule-june-9-10am-et View Post
      Closed Beta Schedule - June 9, 10am ET

      • Posted by JLeavey
      • Posted Apr 5, 2017, 2:47 PM
      • Edited by JLeavey about 4 hours ago

      Welcome to the forums for Quake Champions! The next round will take place during these times:

      Start: Friday, June 9, 10am ET

      We'll continue to post server open and close times, too, to keep you in the loop of when you can jump in and play. Thanks all!
      Get signed up an d get ready . hope to see ya on the battle field.