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    Increasing the amount of Powerful Fish needed to trade for 3 Elcyum is one of the dumbest things the L2 team has done to date. They call it a bug? And from what I've seen it's only because 100s of RMTs (real money traders) are using it to make "200bil a day". So they damn it for all the other players who were using it properly.

    NCsoft truly free!? BAAAAH! Should be more like this...

    This was posted on the official forums shortly after they made the change outlined below:

    Quote Originally Posted by http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=293670
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    Fishing Item Exchange Rate Change

    Hello all,

    As mentioned in the weekly maintenance notification yesterday, we’ve applied a change to select fishing item exchange rates with today’s update. Prior to maintenance 4 Powerful Fish could be exchanged for 3 Elcyum Powder, which made the process of collecting Elcyum Powder via fishing and selling it to a vendor for Adena extremely lucrative. This was an issue resulting from NPC sell values being changed in a previous update, while the exchange rate in the shop wasn’t properly updated to reflect the new prices. It was an oversight on our part that was never intended to provide such a profitable method of earning Adena.

    In today’s update we applied a fix so that the same exchange for 3 Elcyum Powder now requires 12 Powerful Fish and yields a more appropriate vendor sell value. We apologize for not identifying and fixing this value discrepancy sooner. Whenever possible we want to avoid letting issues that have a severe, unintentional impact on the game economy persist—we understand that such a generous exchange of fishing items to Adena quickly sets players’ income expectations.

    If you ever come across a method of obtaining currency that feels exceptionally rewarding for the effort required, please don’t hesitate to submit a bug report in-game.


    The Lineage II Team
    Hell, I was lucky if i could make 1 billion every 3 to 4 days. But we used it appropriately with only my toon and Duggy's toon fishing. Why doesn't NCsoft investigate it when they see 100+ ppl logging in from the same IP? Seriously, why would ANYONE need over 100+ accounts on the same IP? That seems a little fishy to me.. hehehe. But no, NCsoft in their infinite wisdom "fixed the bug".

    And they fixed what they call a bug even though they didn't see fit to do so on RU, URO, and JP servers. In fact, in Korea (where the company originates from) not only did they not fix this "bug", but as seen in this screen shot, they increased the amount of elcyum to make it more even (i.e. 4 for 4).

    Seriously WTF?

    NCwest is right out there in left field with this whole "we're really going to shit on our players" attitude. It's not hard to see why their player base is so disgusted with them right now. I really don't understand how the NCsoft team thinks sometimes.

    It's not like we haven't been playing this game for a long time or something. I've had OzDragon since the last server wipe back in open beta. These forums (DragonShadow) and Gaming Community started as of a result of L2 and to date L2 is the one game we keep coming back to time after time. So when I say "since 2004" that's not entirely accurate. It was more like October of 2003 when this game came to my attention (thanx to Krullen), even though I wasn't able to get in until January 2004. I believe I've shown my loyalty to this game. Why can't they show me some?

    If you read that thread as I have (currently there are 17 pages) there are a LOT of really good points being made. The most important being that they are failing to see that they're forcing people to use RMT. By stopping people from making cash in-game, you'll only drive prices up. People will always want their gear and will go to any means to get it, even using RMT. And real-money traders will ALWAYS find a way to outperform other players, usually by using bots.

    So my message to NCsoft is this: "OPEN YOUR EYES and stop crapping on the real players and come up with a real plan to deal with this without cutting your nose off to spite your face! Bring back the Elcyum rates or better yet match the Korean servers please."

    Here are a few screen shots of the replies from the NCsoft team on the official forums. It shows the blatant lack of communication between their team members, as well as between the community managers and their player base. It really makes them look like they have their collective heads up their asses when they keep dodging the question: "Why are WE the only ones that had this bug fixed?"

    I'm so close to my wit's end with the way the NcWest team is handling this... the way they're treating us -- the loyal members.

    I hope they put this back soon as I am stuck for making cash.
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    1. Kevin Kennedy's Avatar
      Kevin Kennedy -
      Sheesh and here I am constantly randomly coming back... glad I'm still not a fisherman to get hit by that one -.-' hard enough making money in the wilderness as is without going loot crazy/mercenary...
    1. Lego's Avatar
      Lego -
      part of the reason I had stopped fishing was I was about breaking even with what I was making in a couple of creation shops and shelling out for everything I was spending to fish up my level. Than talk of trying to get toons into gear at certain levels for doing raids if I am on at a time the group wants to try for it. Not to mention trying to get the adena to buy the right level gear for my main character for taking her out hunting.