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  • Abduction of Two Women Foiled in Guildford, BC

    This morning at approximately 12:30 am, two young women were assaulted in the upper level of the Walmart parking area at the Guildford Town Center. Two males in a white luxury sports car had reportedly followed the two women from a local bar and accosted them in the parking lot.

    One of the women was thrown against a cement wall, forcibly struck in the face and then thrown to the ground before being dragged towards the vehicle with the possible intent of abduction.

    A man and wife passing by had witnessed the commotion and intervened. The man approached the scene to prevent the young woman from being dragged into the car while she screamed for help, while his wife called the RCMP giving a full description of the event as it unfolded. The two later gave statements to the police.

    The RCMP are currently investigating the incident and referring to it as "assault and possible abduction".

    The males are described as mid-to late 20's, with sculpted facial hair, light-brown skin, speaking fluent English with no accents detected. The passenger, who assaulted the woman, was approximately 6"2" in height with a slim build.

    The Guildford Mall Security Team were contacted and confirmed that the altercation was possibly caught by one of their surveillance cameras.

    The two young women were visibly shaken but did not sustain any serious injuries. They thanked their rescuers saying that their presence was a "blessing". The couple said they were happy to help and "grateful that they were in the right place at the right time".

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