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  • Lineage 2 Security Update for July - Heads up

    So, as we say good bye to Lineage 2's use of GameGuard, is this 14 years too late or just in time? Many of you know the pain of being subjected to the never-ending storm of 3rd party software use in this game — from people abusing it in PVP and PVE, the relentless search for a bot-free hunting spot, to going red on those same bots to avoid more wasted time spent searching for a spot to hunt and out of frustration for the way they inflate and control the markets. Will the end of GameGuard usher in the end of this?

    Lineage 2 has finally announced they are removing the need for GameGuard and implementing a new anti-cheating system.

    Quote Originally Posted by http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/announcements/july-2018-preview.php

    Security Update

    • In our ongoing efforts to combat unauthorized 3rd-party tools, we’ve invested into a completely new security solution.
    • When the security update is live, GameGuard will no longer be required to connect to the servers.
    • A new tool will take the place of GameGuard and be required to install and run to continue playing Lineage II.
    • There will be an unspecified break-in period with the new tools—we’ll be monitoring and troubleshooting issues it may cause, such as disconnections or update errors and compatibility with certain applications.
    • The decision to make this change came with the goal of having greater control over our security tools, and allowing us to react much quicker to existing and emerging cheat tools.
    Will this mean a whole new level of hell for all current players while we work out the bumps and bruises? Maybe, but I have high hopes this will put a stop to the over-inflated markets that botters control at the moment and open up some more hunting areas for legit players.

    I truly hope they don't interfere with the currently-allowed dual boxing as this could prevent me having my shop dorfs up as well as my main (which I leave up so the rest of the clan can get the passive clan leader buff).

    I'll try to keep this topic up-to-date with more information as I learn more. But one thing I can't seem to find at the moment is what software Lineage 2 will use to replace GameGuard. If anyone has that information please post it in the comments.

    Thanks to Xanctra for the heads up.

    Happy Hunting
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    1. Dani Oliver's Avatar
      Dani Oliver -
      I think it's great they're finally getting rid of the intrusive GameGuard... but what kind of fresh hell will the new software provide? At least when new players complained about GG we were ready with our handy-dandy list of ways to fix it, work around it, rants about its rootkit behaviour, etc. Now we're all going to be on a level playing friend ('scuse the pun) when it comes to getting up and running.

      I wonder what possessed them to do this so late in the game?