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    I feel this is a very important article to write. I've done some research on this and discovered information that every gamer should know when it comes to protecting their online security - particularly when it comes to their gaming accounts. Commonly there are a few ways your game account can get compromised... and to tell you the truth if someone wants it bad enough there's not much you can do to stop them (depending on the skill of the person wanting in). The only true way to prevent this from happening is to not connect to the internet at all.

    For now, let's look at a couple of ways people can get your game account info. First and most commonly known in the gaming community is the Keylogger.

    What is a Keylogger? According to some...

    In its simplest form, a keylogger trojan is malicious, surreptitious software that monitors your keystrokes, logging them to a file and sending them off to remote attackers. Some keyloggers are sold as commercial software - the type a parent might use to record their children's online activities or a suspicious spouse might install to keep tabs on their partner.

    Keyloggers may record all keystrokes, or they may be sophisticated enough to monitor for specific activity - like opening a web browser pointing to your online banking site. When the desired behavior is observed, the keylogger goes into record mode, capturing your login username and password.
    Author: Mary Landesman
    Source: About.com
    url: http://antivirus.about.com/od/whatis.../keylogger.htm
    A keylogger builds a log of everything typed into a keyboard to be reviewed by a third party. Keyloggers can be used for legitimate purposes to troubleshoot networks, analyze employee productivity, or to assist law enforcement, for example; or they can be used for illegitimate purposes to surreptitiously spy on people for personal gain. A keylogger can be a hardware device or a software program.
    Author: R. Kayne (Edited by O. Wallace)
    Source: WiseGeek
    url: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-keylogger.htm
    The most common way of getting a keylogger is by downloading unknown content; but you can get these from many other places as well, such as:

    • bad websites
    • someone who's already infected sends you an email asking you to click on a link
    • by downloading something from the aforementioned infected person
    • pop-ups

    There are some easy steps you can take to help prevent some of these invasions. Keep in mind, however, that there is no method that is 100% sure. The people who try to get your game account info are generally very smart and always coming up with new ways to deliver their venom. I recommend keeping your computer up to date with the latest antivirus software. There are plenty of good free ones out there such as Microsoft Security Essentials. I suggest that not only you use this program, but I would also recommend running Spybot Search & Destroy or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as well. Run them regularly - at the very least, once a week. I personally run them daily.

    Another method people use to gain access to your game account (and this is done more commonly than people would like to think) is through website registration. There are a few methods that are used:

    Mock Websites People wanting to get your account info will set up a mock site and entice you to sign up hoping that you'll use the same login information that you use in the targeted game.
    Database Hacking The more advanced people trying to get your game account information will attempt to unlawfully gain access to the database of clan sites/official game forums/related game sites. Again, they're hoping that someone will use the same username and password they use to log into the game.
    The Email Scam
    This is where an email is sent to you with a very convincing story, i.e. "Your game account has been compromised. To restore your account click here." The link will look very close to the one you would see from the game you play. These people will go to great lengths to making their site look exactly like the game's official support site, with one simple problem: the information they ask you to fill out is not going to the official game - it goes to someone who now has all of your account info and is planning to access your account.

    Simple ways to help prevent this:

    1. DO NOT use the same login info on ANY site that is related to the game you play
    2. If you are not sure of any file you are about to download or link you're about to go to, common sense dictates that you DON'T do it. Would you stick your hand in a box blindly not knowing if what's inside will hurt you? No you wouldn't! I know some smart asses out there will say "yes", but it's just plain dumb if you do these things to your computer without having the common sense to go that extra step and make sure your information is a little more secure!
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    1. OzDragon's Avatar
      OzDragon -
      Had to add this, This Video just backs up my above comments.
    1. Dani Oliver's Avatar
      Dani Oliver -
      Hey Jarrod DUDE! Can you get your adena-selling spammers to stop flooding global chat in Giran? K? thxbye.

      Great video Oz, thanks for posting it. This Jarrod (sp?) guy is very impressive and gives some amazing insight into how game accounts are hacked. He even goes so far as to offer advice to the game developers as to how they can protect their players - something as simple as implementing a bit of code into their login system to force users to change their password on a regular basis (something that he observed from playing on Taiwanese-based servers). Apparently he has tried to contact game developers and offer them free consultation on how to improve security, but they won't listen to him. It sounds to me that by giving him the time of day, they would save themselves huge amounts of revenue by not having to increase the amount of support staff it takes to deal with hacked accounts. In addition, the level of customer satisfaction would be increased and potentially stop people from quitting the game over having their game accounts hacked. Jarrod says he's not asking for anything in return, and that it just makes good business sense in that hacked accounts hurts his business, hurts the gaming community (developers and players alike) and is just a lose-lose situation.

      At the time this video was made, Jarrod was 24 years old and had earned his last degree 2 years previous. He's fluent in a few languages (including Chinese) and currently lives and works in China. His background story as to how he came to work in the R&T business is quite impressive. I'm going to transcribe the entire interview and post it here on the forums, and offer a copy to him (and the interviewer) for their review. And then I am going to go hunt down more of these interviews. Very informative and great informational assets to the overall gaming community imho. I'll also post the link to Jarrod's blog once I get it from the transcribed notes.

      And just a reminder to everyone, if you are using the same name and password on ANY game-related forums that you're using in the game GO AND CHANGE THEM NOW. Focus more-so on changing your password for the game as it may already be too late if you've used that info on the forums. And just for reference sake, passwords on the DragonNation forums are encrypted and relatively safe. Don't be naive enough to think that ANY forums you register on (including those hosted by major gaming companies) are 100% safe. Protect yourself by playing it smart.
    1. Dani Oliver's Avatar
      Dani Oliver -
      ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!

      Your Lineage II message board login/password is directly connected to your Lineage II game account login name and password. You should be able to log into the message boards with the same login name and password that you use to log into the game.

      This is directly from Lineage II Knowledge Base! I'm still on my first cup of coffee of the day here, but am I missing something? Is Lineage II forcing our accounts to be at risk by tying our game account passwords to our forum account passwords? WTH!?
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