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  • The Vitality System in Lineage II

    Are you a die-hard Lineage II fan? Then you probably share the same love-hate relationship with the Vitality system as we do. Even though NCSoft has attempted to balance the vitality loss-gain process by implementing new features (Nevitt's Hourglass, Nevitt's Voice, Revita-pops), how it all works remains a mystery for many players.

    What is the Vitality System?

    The vitality system was introduced to Lineage II in the Gracia Part 1 update. It essentially provides players with a means to gain bonus experience by monitoring your vitality bar and adjusting your hunting/raiding activities to optimize your exp. The vitality system doesn't take anything away from your exp, in that if your vitality (vit) is completed depleted, you will receive the same exp you would have gained previous to this system being implemented. However, if you have full vit, you can gain bonus exp of 300%. With full vit, you have four bars (located just below your blue MP bar). The amount of exp you get, depending on how many bars you have, works like this:

    • Level 1 - 150% increase in experience gain
    • Level 2 - 200% increase in experience gain
    • Level 3 - 250% increase in experience gain
    • Level 4 - 300% increase in experience gain

    For example, in the image below, Chugdugger has four bars of vitality and if she stopped selling in shop long enough to go out and exp, she would gain 300% bonus exp.

    Vitality Example

    To determine the amount of vitality you have, scroll your mouse over the silver vitality bars to the left of your vitality gauge. In Chugdugger's case, it would read "Vitality Level 4: Experience points boosted by 300%".

    Vitality Points

    This info was borrowed from the wiki posted at EOgamer.com (http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Vitality_System):

    Level 0 - 1 contains 240 points. Those 240 points take 1 hour of being logged out to regain.
    Level 1 - 2 contains 1,560 points. Those 1,560 points take 6hr30m of being logged out to regain.
    Level 2 - 3 contains 12,800 points. Those 12,800 points take 53hr20m of being logged out to regain.
    Level 3 - 4 contains 3,600 points. Those 1,560 points take 15 hours of being logged out to regain.
    Level 4 - Max contains 1,800 points. Those 1,800 points take 7hr30m of being logged out to regain

    Max vitality points = 20,000 taking a total 83hr 20m to regain (approx. 3.5 days from 0 - 20,000).

    • You get 1 point regained for every minute in a peace zone.
    • You get 4 points regained every minute when logged out.
    • From lvl 76+ the vitality consumption rate is 1.5x normal. From 79 its 2x normal.
    • Vitality herbs reverse the process of killing mobs. No additional bonus.
    • Parties increase your vitality drop too but this hasn't been worked out.
    • Raids generally return 20-30 points, not calculated exactly yet.
    • Additional exceptions which aren't listed apply.

    There are some minor differences when this wiki is compared to the Korean Wiki:

    Step 0
    0 ~ 239
    59 minutes

    Step 1
    240 ~ 1799
    60 minutes (1 hour)
    449 minutes (seven hours 29 minutes)

    Step 2
    1800 ~ 12999
    450 minutes (7 hours, 30 minutes)
    3249 minutes (2 days 6 hours 9 minutes)

    Step 3
    13000 ~ 16999
    3250 minutes (2 days 6 hours 10 minutes)
    4249 minutes (2 days 22 hours 49 minutes)

    Step 4
    4250 minutes (2 days 22 hours 50 minutes)
    5000 minutes (3 days 11 hours 20 minutes)

    Notes: first line is amount of vitality points, second line is the time for hitting the level of vitality, third line is the time needed for the full bar of the given level.

    Do you ever notice how many players complain that their vitality regen seems to be stuck at Level 2 and doesn't seem to budge? If you take into consideration that Level 2 vit has 12,800 points - which is significantly more than any other vit level, it's not surprising that it takes so long to regen.

    It will be interesting to see how the upcoming High Five and Goddess of Destruction updates affect the vitality system as there will be changes implemented to the amount of exp required to level up at higher level ranges.

    Vitality Breakdown

    There was some great info posted about vitality on the official L2 forums in a thread called [Guide] Vitality Explained. Props go to purp who collected this info from other sources and compiled it into a quick reference guide - with a disclaimer that not all info may be 100% accurate (particularly as of the Gracia update). Even so, it still provides a good basis for attempting to calculate and work around one's vitality consumption.
    Vitality Consumption

    Vitality Points Consumed =
    ( ( (Exp) / (Level^2) )*100 ) / 9

    Exp = Base exp gained from mob
    Level = Mob level

    Example 1 1xHP Mob
    Bone Grinder 12,903xp Level 70
    ( ( (12,903) / (70^2) )*100 ) / 9
    Vit Consumed = 29 points.

    Example 2 5xHP Mob
    Karik 32,922xp Level 70
    ( ( (32,922) / (70^2) )*100 ) / 9
    Vit Consumed = 75 points.

    This means even if you only gain 1 exp point your vitality 'points' will still change. If you kill a gremlin at level 80 and gain 1 exp point you will lose the same number of vitality points as you would if you were only level 1.

    In the example, the Karik has approx. 5x the HP as the Bone Grinder and removes 2.5x the vitality and only gives 2.5x the experience. With this said, unless you're in a full group for the XP bonus, don't hunt anything with any multiplier - go for the 1x mobs if you're specifically looking to make good use of your vitality.
    Vitality Boosts

    Ever since the vitality system was introduced, there have been a variety of ways added to increase your vitality without having to log off and wait.

    The Priest of Blessing: This NPC stands next to the Adventurer's Guide in major towns and offers gifts in exchange for donations. For 100,000 adena you can get a Nevitt's Voice which will give you 10 free recommendations (aka "recs"). The Nevitt's Hourglass will boost your Bonus Exp up to a maximum of 50% if you have a sufficient amount of recs. (Note: we have yet to determine the magic number of recs required but if someone has taken the time to figure this out, please post the info here, or a link to the info). As your level range increases, so does the cost of the Nevitt's Hourglass.
    Levels 1-19: 4,000 adena
    Levels 20-39: 30,000 adena
    Levels 40-51: 110,000 adena
    Levels 52-60: 310,000 adena
    Levels 61-75: 970,000 adena
    Levels 76-79: 2,160,000 adena
    Levels 80-85: 5,000,000 adena
    You can only donate for one Nevitt's Voice and one Nevitt's Hourglass every 20 hours; but they are stackable so buy them when you can. You can only use them on your account once per character level-range so don't buy them on one character (on the same account) who is the same level as another character that you might prefer to level up. Clear as mud, right? For more concise info, check out the Priest of Blessing and read what he has to say.

    Daily Bonus Exp Boost: Okay so this doesn't boost your vitality, but it's somewhat related. Every morning at 4:30 am (Pacific Time) your Bonus Exp is maxed to 50% - if you have a sufficient amount of recs. This lasts for one hour. If you take your Nevitt's Hourglass (by right-clicking on it in your inventory) after this hour, then your bonus exp time is extended by whatever time your Nevitt's Hourglass dictates (anywhere from 1-3 hours).

    Event Gifts: After the last "regular" server maintenance on Tuesday, December 14th, each character was awarded two holiday gifts: 1 Santa Hat Set which gives you a choice of wearing a Santa Hat or a Rudolph's nose - each of which expire after 14 days; and 5 Christmas Gift Boxes, each of which contains 1 Christmas Cake and 1 Christmas Candle (unopened boxes will disappear in 3 months). The Christmas Cakes fully replenish your vitality (re-use time 60 mins) and the Christmas Candle maintains your vitality for 10 minutes. You can exchange the Christmas Gift Boxes if they are unopened. We transferred them to chars that need them the most via the mail system. A very nice gift indeed.

    GM Buffs/Vitality Boosts: Now and then, at unscheduled times and random locations, the GMs will pop in and provide uber buffs and restore our vitality to full. Sometimes we'll see an announcement telling us which town they will be in and we have 20 minutes to hustle or lose out. Other times the GMs will appear in a town and provide buffs/vit without any warning. That's when you really need to high-tail it as they usually only remain for a few minutes.

    The Pailakas: These are solo instances where you can not only gain significant exp/sp and some cool items, but your vitality is boosted as well. Some players report that their vitality is boosted from 0-4 upon completion of a Pailaka, while others state that they only received a boost and not full vitality. One post I read suggested that the first two Pailakas will restore some of the vit while the third one restores it to full. Any insight or official confirmation on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Raid Bosses: There is a slight increase in vitality from doing Raid Bosses. There seems, however, to be some debate as to whether or not the Kamaloka Raid Bosses are included in this. Some say no, but others report seeing their vitality increased after successfully completing a Kamaloka instance. Originally it was reported that the Kama bosses just didn't deplete your vit, but nothing was said about them increasing it. I just assumed the Kama bosses wouldn't increase vit so I wasn't expecting it when we did the last kama - but after the instance was done, I could have sworn I saw an increase in my vit. I'll have to pay more attention to this next time.

    Revita-pops: Some time ago (approximately a few updates ago), Revita-pops were introduced. Each character received 5 revita-pops when they hit level 40 (I can't remember if you had to finish the 2nd class change quest or not). Unfortunately they stopped this a couple of updates ago. They are non-transferable. Once in a while, such as with the recent issue with the extended maintenance downtime, the GMs awarded each char with 5 revita-pops in their inventory. The revita-pops restore your vitality to full.

    Vitality Replenishing Herb: This herb lasts for 5 minutes, and while in effect you gain vitality for each kill while still receiving boosted experience (based on your current vitality level).

    You can also increase your vitality by being logged out, sitting in town, or by doing Raid Bosses.

    Q & A

    I've listed some Q&A's here that I've come across throughout my research. If you have a question, please post it in the comments and I'll add it here (if I have, or can find, the answer). The Q or A's posted with names in brackets at the end are questions borrowed from the thread started by purp (referenced above).

    Q: Will my vitality increase quicker if I'm logged out in town as opposed to on the field?

    A: Vitality increases at the same rate whether you're logged out in a peace zone or on hunting grounds.

    Q: Does vitality on one character regenerate while logged into another character on the same server? What about a character on a different server? (Brock)

    A: As long as a character is not logged in you will get vitality regeneration. Same server, different server, doesn't matter. As long as that toon is NOT in game, you're good to go. (purp)

    Q. Now if I switch between main/subclasses does that reset the vitality or anything? What if I cancel my 2nd subclass and choose another? Will I retain the vitality points I have or will they reset? (Vibrato)

    A. Vitality level stays with your name, not your class. (purp)

    Q: Will my vit drop slower if I kill green or light blue mobs?

    A: No, actually it drops about the same - so ideally you'll want to hunt white and yellow mobs. Let's take a look at some more facts posted by purp in the above-referenced thread in the official L2 forums:

    Let's think about this...
    We have 4 players...
    P1, level 20
    P2, level 40
    P3, level 60
    P4, level 80

    And we have 4 mobs... all 1x HP.
    Ma, level 20 - base xp 700
    Mb, level 40 - base xp 3,000
    Mc, level 60 - base xp 7,000
    Md, level 80 - base xp 30,000
    Now let's assume each of these 4 players has 20,000 vitality points (Top Level 4, 3x bonus).

    • P1 kills Ma. Gets 2,100xp and loses 19 vitality points.
      • Any other player killing Ma will get less or 0 xp and still lose 19 points!

    • P2 kills Mb. Gets 9,000xp and loses 21 vitality points.
      • Any other player killing Ma will get less or 0 xp and still lose 21 points!

    • P3 kills Mc. Gets 21,000xp and loses 22 vitality points.
      • Any other player killing Ma will get less or 0 xp and still lose 22 points!

    • P4 kills Md. Gets 90,000xp and loses 52 vitality points.
      • Any other player killing Ma will get less or 0 xp and still lose 52 points!

    Using the examples above, P1 gets 35x his level in XP; P2 gets 75x his level in XP; P3 gets 116x his XP and the level 80... gets a whopping 375x his level in XP. It's all relative. The higher level you are, the more XP you get per kill and the faster your vitality drops.

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