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    Dragonshadow has provided a home to its members since 2004 -- when the clan was first conceived in the MMORPG Lineage II. Since then we have evolved to include more online games as well as an ever-evolving forum for like-minded people.

    We share information, life experiences, and help one another with tech support issues (for games, computer, internet, etc.). Members come and go (only to return at a later date) as their life situations change. Whether you're here to play games, chat, blog, read/write reviews, etc., we do our best to make sure your stay here is as fun and enjoyable as possible.

    Just as with any community, it costs time and money to keep it going. Members have expressed their gratitude and support for the services we provide by offering their time and occasional donations to help with the costs of such a venture. Some of these costs include:

    • TeamSpeak Server (25 person server) - approx. $72.00 USD/year
    • Web Hosting - approx. $60 USD/year

    From time to time there are other minor expenses incurred at our discretion (i.e. setting up/maintaining a game server, offering a donation to a developer in support of the scripts we use on the forums, assisting a member with an expired game account, etc.). If these extra features are something that has been requested or recognized by the community as a benefit to DragonShadow, we post the details and costs on the forums. We may ask for help at that time.

    Donation Perks

    Donations are usually made without expectation of compensation; however, as a thank you for supporting the community, we offer a few additional benefits.

    Web Hosting We provide Web Hosting at a discounted price to DragonShadow members. The prices are tailored to suit your needs, providing generous resources and free support. Please contact OzDragon or Dugchugger for more information.
    Advertising A Members Links page is currently in the works. This area will provide donating members with an area to post a link and brief information describing their business, organization, charity, etc.
    Private Forums We have set aside a small area of the forums, viewable only to donating members, for quick access to Web Hosting solutions, tech support (in a variety of areas), polling, etc.
    Private Chat
    To assist our members with tech support regarding computer, internet, web hosting, etc. we offer a private channel available to donating members - which is monitored during all of our waking and/or available hours.
    A Simple Request

    When the DragonShadow community first started, we had the luxury of a disposable income. But things change. Currently we are living on a limited fixed income and these expenses, for the most part, come out of our own pocket. We ask that you consider making a donation to show your support. Any amount is welcome -- but we would appreciate if donations are no less than $5 (USD/CAN).

    If you pledge a donation but are unable to follow through, we ask that you let us know so that we can adjust our goals and priorities accordingly. We understand that your financial situation may change, but if we are unaware that a pledged donation is not forthcoming, it can place additional financial strain on us.

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