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    Captain America is by far the best origin story I have seen yet. The way that the writers went about bringing the past and present together in the film is brilliant. It is a necessity due to the fact that Captain America's origin becomes lost to us until he joins up with the Avengers but that is a story that is part of another review.

    Captain America is most definitely a fast-paced adventure film that shows the story of how “just a kid from Brooklyn” (as Steve Rodgers would refer to himself) becomes America’s first super soldier. The movie is mostly set back during World War II with Hydra being the villain that Captain America needs to take down so that they do not take over the world. One other interesting thing I just realized is that they do a lot of tying in of other Marvel characters without it being overly obvious that they are.

    Also for those who would like a look at the Avengers (coming out next year) stick around after the credits and you will get a nice little peak of who and what is to come.

    All in all I give this film
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