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  • Breaking Dawn Part 1 Review

    Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the first film in the final chapter in the Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer. The books have won the hearts of many, myself included. I will do my best to give a fair and impartial review of the movie adaptation of one of my favorite books that I have read.

    The movie starts out like a horse out of the gate and keeps up a steady pace for the entire movie. All of the essential parts of the book are present in the film, but once again creative licensing strikes by the script writers. These essential parts are rearranged and reworked to fit the way they see it, not how the author intended for them to be as they were written for the page. Also, the way things are done in the film has them out of proportion to the book. Yes, there are threats that take part in the first half of the book but nowhere near as dire as the movie portrays.

    On the whole, as a film Breaking Dawn was done quite well. The story flows quite nicely from one point to the next. The visuals they use to portray different parts of the movie are quite nice and well thought out. They give a very well-done depiction of what my mind's eye saw when I was reading them for myself.

    Due to all of the creative licensing, I am going to have to give the movie:
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