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    by Published on 12-18-2010 11:41 PM
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    Vitality Example

    Are you a die-hard Lineage II fan? Then you probably share the same love-hate relationship with the Vitality system as we do. Even though NCSoft has attempted to balance the vitality loss-gain process by implementing new features (Nevitt's Hourglass, Nevitt's Voice, Revita-pops), how it all works remains a mystery for many players.

    What is the Vitality System?

    The vitality system was introduced to Lineage II in the Gracia Part 1 update. It essentially provides players with a means to gain bonus experience by monitoring your vitality bar and adjusting your hunting/raiding activities to optimize your exp. The vitality system doesn't take anything away from your exp, in that if your vitality (vit) is completed depleted, you will receive the same exp you would have gained previous to this system being implemented. However, if you have full vit, you can gain bonus exp of 300%. With full vit, you have four bars (located just below your blue MP bar). The amount of exp you get, depending ...