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  5. Only a Mom would know
  6. Senior Sex
  7. LOL too funny!!!
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  20. Ask your doctor if Tequila is right for you.
  21. Is it Allin or Steve?
  22. This is Sad!
  23. Not sure why these are even on youtube.
  24. How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell
  25. More NewGrounds!
  26. This joke was shared with me by clan member Psycho
  27. New Youtube Funny.
  28. WOW! Dorfter Dance
  29. 2 of the greatest sketch arist and on of the funniest sketches
  30. The Oatmeal's take on The 2011 Rapture!
  31. OMG THIS IS FUNNY!! Why some people should not be allowed Online.
  32. Turret Fun
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  35. This one's for you Lego!
  36. This is my sort of humour....
  37. Little Britain - David Walliams and Matt Lucas
  38. The Ricky Gervais Show - Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington
  39. Saw this Vid posted on Krullen FB..
  40. OMG Too Funny
  41. Who could this be?!?
  42. Found this Kinda funny but wat to go Dad!
  43. My Next truck!
  44. Kabam JOKE
  45. OMG this is Funny!
  46. Lets MOVE those Deer Signs!
  47. L2 Hero Humor
  48. Things that come to you!
  49. This one is for Draco!!!
  50. OMG This is evil!
  51. OMG this Video was on theCTV News tonight.
  52. OMFG this news Real is too funny!
  53. "God Particle" and Doomsday Preppers talk do they mix?
  54. S Clizzy Vrs.T-Bone Round 1
  55. Lets Keep it festive!
  56. Thanx for this Festive one from our friend Ascender
  57. This is a cute vid.
  58. As I surf NewGrounds!
  59. Has your Ass consumed a pair of underware lately?
  60. Police and Army's have their bad days as well!
  61. Some DayZ funny Vids!
  62. I ove my fail clips!
  63. Caution! Don't try to build an ark!
  64. LOL Funnyest Video i have seen in awhile
  65. This is Funny Cop vrs Women!
  66. Bob And Tom Humor!
  67. Medical distinction between Guts and Balls!
  68. LOL FUNNY youtube Vids!
  69. WFT Armageddon!?!
  70. The Dancing Dead!
  71. Nuke Norway
  72. Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu
  73. Meet the Creeper! Boom Boom BOOM
  74. Cat vrs. Fart Machine.
  75. Magician Tries To Sell Weed To Cops!!
  76. Not sure where to post this
  77. LOL Halloween is coming and Zombies aways rock!
  78. This is funny but I feel for SSSniperWolf