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Thread: Thoughts on E1

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    Default Thoughts on E1

    Season 2 The Colony.
    E 1.
    My Point of view, Well Seems like a good group of people, there is one that I think need to buck up and help out and not be so lazy. I think there biggest mistake is not realizing the situation. And not having security is a BIG issues keeping all your supplies hand is great but it the first place they look in case of rouges coming.
    Things I would have done different .

    1. Put fortifying there place of resident as a TOP priority.
    2. Hid your supplies in a different location to where you sleep. even divide them up in to different packages. and Burn some hide then in different locations. Thus if raided they would have only lost a portion of their meds. not all of them like what happened in E1.
    3. Never let anyone be segregated. If the quarantine must happen it must take place in a closer proximity to the other, less than 50 feet with the plastics form the tent they could have made a quarantine placed inside the house easily.
    4. throughout their walks I spotted more things they could have used those cars could have been moved into a position around the front of the house to create a more of a barrier. Which the house might not have been the best place ether . But you got to use what you can. Those old house they were in were full of copper pip and wiring the copper pip could have been used in a make shift water heater. the wiring could be used for tie wire snares rope and much more. heating coils where you wrap it around a steal pip and run current through it .
    5. That snake they killed if they had of been more careful would have provided much need energy. if they didn't pulverize it.
    6. When the gang showed up they divide their force, clearly outnumbered they should have pulled into the house and barricaded themselves, then once the attack was over MOVED their location. as to not give the gang an advantage of knowing where they are and what they have.
    7. First night there they should have talked with each other and set up some kind of plan to survive at any coast set goals. Find out what people can to do get those goals.
    8. Treat EVERYONE that comes to them as a potential hostile Never give anyone anything or allow them to know what you have and don't have. YOU don't know how many people they might have as back up. Or what they will do to get what they want.
    9. Have a round the clock watch from a good vantage site with some way of letting the rest know quickly without alerting anyone you know they are coming. Wire with can's on it the go into the sleeping area of the others and shaken when seeing someone coming works well you never know when help may come or hostiles may come.
    10. Never go in pairs when out scouting go in threes. If on falls and hurts them self two people can carry them back better than one.

    Those are my thoughts so far as of watching E1 now to see what they come up with and how they learn. time to see E2.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on E1

    Jim is adamant about helping the strangers out of "compassion". I agree with what one of the women said when she expressed the concern that they are setting themselves up as a beacon of a "gravy train". Jim says that there's only "one person [they] have to answer to" which I assume is "God". I disagree. You also have your other colony members to think of and answer to. You haven't secured another food supply and right off the bat you are letting potential hostiles know that you have some food. In times of extreme hardship and food shortage, people will increasingly care less about sharing what they do have and will aim to take everything the others have. The colonists also don't know if these people were scouts from a larger group. Their actions of checking out the area after being told to leave is typically a sign of a scouting group who knows they have the backup of a larger group. They should have stuck with their original story that they had no food. Now, not only do the strangers know they have food, but they also know that the colonists are not beyond lying... and are probably wondering what else they may have. Did I also hear Jim say to the guy "You are dead!"? Interesting. Compassionate and god-fearing one moment, aggressive and diabolical the next. My money is on him for the first person to snap under pressure.

    The first thing they should have done was to relocate and hide their supplies.

    "Surrounded by idiots". Great quote coming from a man who after being recently exposed to hostile strangers isolates himself off from the rest of the group, negatively affecting his safety and theirs.

    "Indications of character" and "not looking too hot for him" are kinder descriptions than I would have used. I wouldn't have woken him up either, Sian. The first time George really got on my nerves was when he made those negative comments after pulling the fishing net in after only one try. C'mon dude, don't give up on things after one try.

    They need a better system of communicating with each other when strangers approach. The way they yell out tells people: how many people there are, where they are, the fact that they are disorganized, and that they are distanced from one another.

    Using the milk to cure the pepper spray was perhaps not the best idea. I don't have much experience with how to relieve the pain of pepper spray, but to be honest, I'd rather have kept the protein and rode the pain out. How long does it last? Anyone know?


    1. Would you have given your supplies away?
    2. Would you have woken George up for dinner when he secluded himself?
    3. Would you have used the milk to neutralize the pepper spray in the eyes?
    4. Would you have thought and suggested to relocate after the first confrontation?

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