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Thread: Thoughts on E2

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    Default Thoughts on E2

    Now we're talking E2 they seemed to get their priorities in check and are working more like a team and understanding they need to protect there resources. There still something's I feel they need to address as they are still not 100% sure of their environment and I am still seeing things that are not being looked at for example,

    1. There was a scene where the mechanic was looking at the car's for parts and in while she was approaching the second Car there was a boom lift in the back ground. It looked like new and those boom lifts have 2 things one a larger battery and a the wheels looked intact. for a more mobile power source and they have a hydraulic system in it which in the hand of a skilled mechanic could use that for many things lifting somewhat heavy objects making a vantage point that is mobile for the lookout . The ability of using the hydraulic for many different uses could be brain stormed between them all I could name a few things not to mention defense reason pressurized doors locks for one.
    2. Great idea using the pig fat for a diesel engine I was kind hoping they would think of that love the way they refined it, But there was a lot more Fat on those pigs they could have used. Plus they not far away from a bayou, two things come to mind. I seen them using net and chain link fence. a) bayou have gators camions and other alligator type predator/scavengers in them. anyone that know a little bit about these type of animals knows they are a opportunistic eater. b) they have a large amount of routing pig meat. put a and b together it is the perfect set up for a more filling meal. if they can set up a scan or a pit fall trap to get one of these animals. Gators will flock to the smell of this routing meet if it put close enough to water.
    3. Although security is on their list I believe they not making enough of an effort to secure there dwelling or look for a second place. The Fact they are staying put in my opinion is not the brightest move.
    4. The two that went to the bayou and got the snakes, good for them but I think if they looked harder they could have come back with more. I would be interested to know what fishing bait was used if any?
    5. The model washing her hair with the drinking water what is with that?

    Now to see what happens in E3. let's hope they get their act in gear a little more by day 7 or 8 there house they are in should be fort nocks .

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    Default Re: Thoughts on E2

    Sally said that as she looks around she sees "all indians but no chiefs". Good analogy. I'm surprised at how well they're organizing themselves and getting things done without a leader. I don't think the lack of leadership is going to be as much of an issue in getting organized as it will be when faced with their next confrontation. I understand that we're not seeing everything that goes on as some things are edited for content and time, but I have to wonder if the group at this point has even discussed how they are going to handle future invaders/security issues.

    When Sally asked for volunteers to go get the pigs, it's funny that Becka didn't say anything until Reno spoke up. It was as if she was waiting to see if he would volunteer. I wonder if she would have spoken up so quickly if it had been George or someone else.

    George kind of contradicts himself when he refers to the pig processing as "pointless and disgusting" and that he has to keep reminding himself that this is what's going to get the fuel, etc. So is it pointless or necessary? Either way, I'm glad I'm not the one working with the putrified pigs.

    Jim's bridge was kind of cool. Too bad it didn't really do much other than getting them to the other side. Good for him for recognizing that fact and not beating himself up about it too much; he just refocused his resolution on other means of getting food. Chish anyone? (In reference to the snake tasting like chicken and fish)

    Tell me Becka is not washing her hair with their drinking water? Then Sian speaks up: "We just shouldn't be using our filtered water". Wow. That is so not cool. I hope someone busted her butt over that. Then again, I guess having a model around with purdy-smelling hair can be a good morale boost. At the very least it will make her better tasting when they cook her up and eat her later on. Has she really done much so far?

    As Robert dresses his wound from where he scratched himself in his sleep, you can see all sorts of nails sticking out from the boards behind him. That place is a death trap.

    As Reno and Becka are cutting up the pig parts, I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't harvest those yummy maggots? Good protein there! *vomits* She gets a brownie point for helping fetch the pigs and cut them up. I can't help but wonder why they didn't wear masks, or at the very least kerchiefs while cutting up the pigs. Wouldn't it at least help a little bit with the smell? Probably not.

    Go Jim go! He didn't think twice before he reached out for that first snake, and was an old pro by the time he found the second one. That's what they should have done the first time around instead of pulverizing the snake that wandered into their living quarters.

    Kudos to the group for their huge triumph in getting the tractor going. It truly was a team effort, but special props go to Sally for pulling it off. The colonists seem pretty cohesive at this point without any major bickering going on. That's half the battle. But let's see how they fare later when they are threatened by outsiders again. People's personalities are known to change when confronted with extreme situations. I still think Jim has the potential to go all Lord of the Flies. I've got my eye on him.

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