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    Default Thoughts on E3

    With the introduction of two new people to the colony there is not much to say this aspect of the colony is a very realistic issues that can and will happen in this type of environment but at the same time trust "as this episode is name" is a big thing that must be errand when new people arrive at an already established group. And I see that the group did not take long in is setting up the way things work but I feel that they allowed the two new people to in too easy and I feel that they could have set up a little better system to allow them access to this. But with that said the two new people were very willing to help out and again they also have to work to keep them self's alive as well.
    Some of the outstanding issue are still in place Security these guys need to secure that house better..

    1. The forge - George did a great job with that and he is right "with steal it will take us out of the stone age" the ability to craft hunting spears and weapons to protect themselves and use for day to day things is very important.
    2. The Smoker - the smoke was a sound idea but one step I didn't see them take while on their watch. One simple step that would have prevented the smoker from going up in smoke is the wooden box that contained the fire should have been pulled away from the fire ever 45min to 1hr and given a soak with water .This not allowing the wood to drying out to the point of combustion .
    3. The Shower - Great Idea and a very important morel booster. Using the tubs is a great idea and they could even bowl some water and add it to the water in there for a warmer shower.
    4. The Trader - This was a perfect t chance to allow the group and the two new comers to show their stuff and it work out best. The fact that the traders said "until next time" make me thing we will see them again. I think everyone that was involved in that handles them self's great.
    5. The Exploring - The end of the episode where we saw them taking more supplies and being chased off with three guys with cattle prods was just dumb. few things wrong with this move they made here.

    • The did it in day light and now can be fallowed.
    • They didn't scoot the area out more carefully to see if there was anyone around.
    • When flipping the lid over made enough nose to alert anyone that might be there that someone was now going through their stuff.
    More stealth is needed in times like this now they have made more enemies and allowed them to see them and potentially fallow them back to their house. What where they thinking they already know they are not the only ones out there more caution should have been taken. They have endangered the rest of the colony by acting like the group that came after then in the first episode.
    Let see how E4 turns out I want to know if they can get away with these items without leading them back to their house and safety. I highly dough it but I would like to see

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    Default Re: Thoughts on E3

    Yes Becka, it's always a good day when meeting new people doesn't involve getting pepper sprayed. I'd say that makes them friendly. Things looked promising when the colonists agreed to let the new people stay in a building nearby.

    As they're setting up residence, did I hear Michel and Amber say they need to hide their stuff? They seem to have more smarts than the first group.

    Michel looks familiar. I swear I've seen him somewhere lately.

    When Michel and Amber were alone, Michel points out that they had "lots and lots of vodka". Now where the hell did they get vodka from? Would be good for medicinal purposes.

    Sally says "it looks too naive" to just let them come into their group, and it seems to snowball from there. The fear, hostility, and suspicion set in. So they went from welcoming and friendly, to hostile and confrontational.

    Michel's comment about the "Scavenger Wars" was to pick it up faster and more effectively before the first group even know about it. It seems wise, yet somewhat foolish, to scavenge an area that's already occupied by a bigger, more-established group who has just welcomed you into the area. If they wanted to scavenge, they should have done it further away from their newly-shared space.

    I was ticked off at the comment "being possessive of a property we gave you?" That's a pretty presumptuous statement. Let's say that you have the right to give it to them, either way you DID offer it to them. Who are you to say they can't protect their stuff? If they want to shift their gear before you come in and get whatever it is you wanted, you don't have a right over them and their belongings. Let's be reasonable here. Michel asked that they be allowed to make "certain precautions". Fair enough, I say. But Reno retorts that they "can boot their asses out of there". Seriously Reno, was that necessary? Not a very diplomatic response if you ask me.

    As for the whole quarantine issue, maybe I missed something, but they didn't tell Michel and Amber to stay in the house, did they? I thought they just said to quarantine themselves for the next 12 hours. Being quarantined means staying away from the other group, not staying in one place. Right? And to basically call Michel and Amber liars saying that they couldn't have been quarantined together is a hell of an assumption. How do they know? As for the fact of them not knowing just how long they were quarantined - as Amber pointed out, she had been there longer. And even someone in the original group had pointed out that one of the worst things about being quarantined like that was that they had no concept of time. So why is it hard to believe that these newcomers can't pinpoint the exact number of hours/days they'd been quarantined? If it's more than 12 hours, who cares?

    Jim's outburst of "I'll cut you up into a million pieces" was just a little over the edge. Seriously Jim. Quite frankly, under the circumstances, backing someone into a corner is only going to provoke hostilities. The whole situation could have been handled a lot better.

    And at this point, why do Amber and Michel need to be quarantined away from each other if they've already been quarantined together? If they're sick, they're sick. What am I missing here? I can see them being quarantined from the first group, but not from each other.

    After the quarantine was over, they all start off on a better footing by appointing two delegates to go over and speak with Michel and Amber in a more neutral, reasonable manner. Good question by Amber: "What are your immediate expectations?" You'd think that one of the questions the original colonists would have asked is "what skills/background" do you have?" Perhaps this was edited out of the first show, but I don't recall the initial group having a powwow to determine what everyone brings to the table. Perhaps it's part of my background that that's one of the first things I would have asked everyone.

    When the traders showed up and asked what they had to trade, I would have offered up Becka. Is that wrong? The fact that after nearly 2 weeks, everyone had lost an average of 11 lbs but she had only lost 2 lbs says to me that she's probably eating the same amount as usual. When I heard her bitching about food I wanted to reach out and slap her. As far as we know, the 2-lb weight loss was just from washing the crap out of her hair with the group's drinking water. I admit she does look like she is contributing, but they probably could have kept all their supplies and just traded her and the jar of vodka for everything on the boat and ended up with one less mouth to feed.

    Good move on Amber and Michel's part in offering up what they had to improve the lot of the entire group. A mutually-beneficial decision that seemed to pay off.

    Why didn't they ask these guys how they're getting their fish? The worst they could have said was "we're not telling you, it's bad for business". And the bananas? C'mon folks. I can see how they could have maybe come up with the other stuff, but a few-day old bananas? They had to be shipped in. I just can't fathom any local banana trees supplying that kind of fruit. Have these people even tried looking for a local grocers or corner shop? They're in a residential area of how many blocks? Surely there has to be something. It's probably already been scavenged, but I would have been out there looking anyway. All in all, it was good to see the group unite.

    It was great to see Reno's smoker getting fired up for the first time. That first night watching the smokehouse had to be pretty nerve-wracking. They're not in a position to waste any food. Jim nearly burning down the smokehouse and then tried to blame the design. Obviously he has accountability issues. As Sally said, it's high maintenance but it's fine the way it is. If you're going to make suggestions to improve something, it should be offered in a more constructive manner rather than on the tail of a major fail and with a snarky tone. Jim continues to get under my skin.

    Amber burying the fish-head soup seemed like a good idea. Will be interesting to see how that pans out.

    Good to see George's Forge working.

    So who is Reno to invite Becka to take the first shower? She's already washed her hair, I'd say let one of the smellier people go next. I have my money on Jim being the most rancid of the group right now. I guess no one wanted to visualize him in the shower. As for Becka, how the hell does she have mascara on? Those lashes are not natural. Really now, if you're going to be allowed to bring anything along to help you survive, wouldn't you bring a toothbrush over mascara? But that's just me. Then again, she could just have naturally thick and long lashes. I hate Becka. I bet she has thick ankles.

    Okay so Amber's cellar hole didn't work. And now they've wasted a good cooler. Sally is not happy and says "Amber is very loud, aggressive, and very forward." But she takes the initiative to go and speak with her. You go girl! I respect that. And no Amber, it wasn't your "effort to save the fish" that pissed people off - it's the fact that you dropped the ball and didn't follow up with it. Drop the 'tude.

    The narrator referred
    to 9 colonists. I'm looking at the page and wondering who Adam is? Is he there yet? He must be because that would be 9 people. (later edit: I can't count - there are 10 people listed, not 9, so it makes more sense that he will show up later)

    When Amber and Michel pulled out the chocolate, wouldn't you kind of wonder what else they've been hording away while eating the collective's food supply?

    The Scouting Mission. After observing what was on the trader's boat, it made them think that there may be more out there than they realized. I'd like to point out the bananas again. I'm thinking these supplies were shipped in and it's not reasonable to think that traders would really have bananas.

    Oh oh. They just got confronted by people whose area they just intruded upon and Jim thinks he's a jedi knight with dual light sabers. And that's the end of the show. Damn. I hope he gets his butt whooped.

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