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Thread: Thoughts on E4

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    Default Thoughts on E4

    Well this episode ended with a twist but I will save that for later. A few things these guys are still doing wrong. NEVER GO AWAY FROM THE GROUP ALONE! always go in a group.
    1. The plane - Great find so many possibility available with that wreck. If the engine is in working order there is a lot of things it could be used for and parts from it.
    2. The Fishing and gathering - I really don't think these people have any idea or concept of how to fish or hunt for food. Fishing and or hunting is not done buy making nose banging and scaring everything in the area. There are a few things that could be done to help them.

    • They have already identified game trails. why are they not setting up traps on these game trails there are ways to set snares that will target birds & rabbits yet they are not doing this. Why?
    • Fishing has two issues here. 1} why would you leave your spare hook on a flimsy bridge in a down poor? 2)If you're not catching fish using your current method you need to adapt. Worms is always a great bait to use and it wouldn't be hard to dig up some to use for bait. There is also something these people are not thinking of line fishing put a line out in the canal where you can check it ever hour. and leave it sit. how hard it is to take a rope tie a small 5 pound brick to one end ever 3 feet tie a 2 foot fishing line to it with a hook put some bait on it such as worm or some of that old rotten pig meat. toss it out and tie one end to a stack and check it ever few hours??
    3. The idea of a windmill is great to recharge their batteries I would like to see if they can get it to work the theory is sound but do they have enough expertise between them all to actually get it to generate enough energy to recharge the batteries?
    4. They are still showing signs of their faith and in times like this it may make or break someone's sanity and it can help them move on and coop with what they are going through.
    5. The Model - This part is funny but yet very serious. When in a situation such as this security is a big thing not only for your supplies and livening accommodations but your personal self. If you don't take the time to take a few steps to ensure their safety of the others or yourself then you don't deserve to be in a part of any type of colony.

    • NEVER go anywhere away from the colony alone. If you're not within ear shot even if you have to use the rest room take someone with you. What happens if you fell or had something fall on you and are unable to move what then??
    • In the models case she was taken against her will. Three guys jumper her tier her up and run off now if she was with a group it wouldn't of gone down that way. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING???
    All and all this is turning out to be a very interesting Show where there is a lot of mistakes being made but if people are not knowledgeable what can you do? you make do with what you know how to do.

    You come from nothing, You're going back to nothing. So what have you lost? Nothing! So always look on the bright side of life.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on E4

    Oz and I discussed at the end of the last epi that it would be interesting to see if the scavenger group didn't have the attack group follow them back. It seems like Becka was thinking the same thing. She said "because of Jim's actions, the guys with cattle prods are a threat" and "we can't lose anyone or anything or we're screwed". Good to see she has a brain.

    Michel puts it out on the table about the two groups joining together for everyone's safety. Reno says on camera that he doesn't know why they would want to stay out there on their own. Perhaps I missed something, but wasn't Michel suggesting that they move together and not saying that they want to stay alone? Then again, they could have filmed that before Michel made the suggestion. It looks like the decision was unanimous to ask them to move over with the group.

    By the way, it occurred to me why Michel looks so familiar. Oz and I not too long ago (thanks to Krullen) got into the English show "The IT Crowd". Michel looks like Matt Berry from that show.

    Once they move in and start to get settled for the night, Amber makes the comment that she thinks it's going to be weird having 7 other people breathing around them. I can see that. Do we know how long they've been a duo?

    How did the fire get started? Okay, as "part of the experiment" their house was set on fire to test their extincts to act as a group. Wow. What a mind fuck.

    "Nobody goes out!" I see the sense in staying together, but damn if there's someone out there setting fires, wouldn't you want to catch them before they set fire to the house you're in?

    Someone said "Jim don't make this more dramatic than it needs to be." I disagree. The house is burning down, I think you need to harness the drama and react appropriately. There's an arsonist out there for crying out loud!

    "Don't threaten anybody." Good advice. Talk about fueling the fire, huh?

    And yes, what if there are more people? But Jim, you do realize that this is a controlled experiment, right? They're not out to kill you. Are you out to kill them? Think about it before you rush out into the unknown. The same goes for you Amber - do you really think they would not have set fire to the house if you were in it. I think these guys are really getting a little too caught up in the moment.

    Michel had a good point, and I agree: "If you're going to send someone out, send someone out to watch his back." Common sense really.

    Unanimous vote, Jim was "amped up". I think they handled offering the constructive criticism pretty well. He toned down a notch.

    Robert says "A good lesson with very little loss." Very well put, Robert.

    Amber seems to be addressing some deep growth issues. "I'm not as strong as I had thought". Give yourself some credit girl. And you did have a chance to prove yourself to the group, and you came through. You shared some of your resources in the trade that got the fish, bananas, etc. And even though you screwed up with the cellar-hole, you had the right idea.

    Oops, Robert gone done broke the bridge. Jim is not going to be happy. Okay he seems to be handling it well. The look on Robert's face when Jim told him he couldn't use the bridge any more was priceless. Good to see the way these two interacted about this.

    Damn, the smokehouse didn't work out. Unless you can get past the flies, maggots, and nasty smell. *gags* LOL Michel points out that you can still eat the maggots. "I guess we get free lunch". Nice one. I like Michel.

    Rain skinny dipping! Woohoo! Why did they censor out Becka's butt? She wasn't naked. Looked like a good time and a much-needed morale boost. Oh dear god why is George naked?

    Bridge down!! Jim "please Lord let there be a bridge". Poor Jim. All the fish hooks were on the bridge. Hmm... why?? C'mon though, it could be worse. Remember where you are. The original tenants had it much worse and lost a helluva lot more than you did. Suck it up.

    The dwindling food supply has affected George's mental state. What was his excuse before? Should be interesting. I actually like George more than I did at the beginning. He still has potential to be a good contributor.

    "The Bayou is a 5-mile hike through abandoned neighbourhoods through grass and marsh." That's a long way to go for food, especially when they are already in a weakened state and may come across hostiles. Jim really perked up with Michel's prayer. I respect that. I'd pray too.

    Jim says "might as well be empty handed". He needs to learn from Michel and be thankful for what you got and not whine about what you didn't.

    On the way home they get approached by another group. Only scavengers who ran off. Now they're dragging half an airplane back. I sure hope they can use all that stuff considering all the energy they're expending. Just wondering who's holding down the fort while most of them are off dragging the plane back. Better be worth it.

    Becka goes off alone on a berry hunt. What a dumb cow. And there she goes, getting carried off. Who would have thunk it? She's lucky this is a controlled experiment (yes I have to keep pointing that out) as young, pretty women would be a hot commodity in an apocalyptic-type scenario. Thank god she has her makeup on. Maybe they'll make her breakfast in the morning. Okay, 'nuff said.

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