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Thread: Thoughts on E6

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    Default Thoughts on E6

    Episode Six was full of "about times!".

    1. Finally they got a leader. Sally Gratz. I feel her even temperament will prevail in the hard time she has the ability to lead them organize them all to reach their goals. But I also feel that she may lack the strength to make hard decisions and the experience to govern this group. Sally is a strong women and hopefully she see it in herself to do right by the colony.
    2. MEAT they have MEAT! - The alligator was a blessing giving them much needed protean but I have to agreed with Reno less than 8 hours ago they were attacked and there security was breached and they all run off to see the killing of the alligator. What the hell were they all thinking at least Reno had a head on his shoulders and stay back and watched the house. People Get a clue.
    3. Michael - There is something very wrong with this man. Claiming security has to be number one "How many times must we get beat down" Then pulling a hypocritical move like going and getting undress and lying down on his watch without wakening anyone to replace him ??? Then has the audacity to try to elect himself as the leader after threw the ball like he did. Dude needs to grow up and get a better grip on their environment and reality as it is prorated in Colony. Anyone that voted for him as well need their head look at. there is no way he should be in charge of this he is a great guy but doesn't have the right stuff.
    4. The finding of the sign with Jim's kids name on the back the likely hood of that happening in a real situation such as this is very unlikely and I think the development team needs to consider toying with the emotions of an already potentially volatile man for the safety of the other cast and himself need to not do that ever again.
    5. Reno Thinking up the idea of making a transport for scouting party not the best method but it work one flaw I saw was when they first when in to the fast food place no one watched the bike. that is something they need to watch.
    6. Pure speculation. - Now according to the website there ten colonist now in the last four episode not sure if anyone picked up on this there has been seen where you will see someone in cameo watching them and you will see the camera appear to be looking at the colonist through night vision binoculars from time to time. in this Episode there was a rather long look at some bushes as Reno and the scouting party where returning and in the bushes there was this man in cameo. Now according to the web site there is a colonist names Adam and according to his Bio fits the likely hood of someone that would scout his environment out before approaching the people first. So put 2 and 2 together and ask have we already seen the 10th colonist??

    All and all I can't wait to see the next episode should be interesting.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on E6

    After Michel's lecture a few epi's back, someting to the effect of "how many times do we have to get beaten before we do something", it was a particularly bad act on his part to drop the ball on his security watch. He took the time to get undressed and climb into bed. If he was that tired and didn't feel he could handle the responsibility, he should have woken someone up. However, I can't help wonder if the people controlling this experiment watched him go to bed and set them up for the break-in based on his slacking. In other words, would the house have been broken into had he not gone to bed?

    I think Sian's comment that there's a "coup" happening was a little premature and paranoid. Making the leadership recommendation was a logical reaction to what just happened, combined with the previous events. From my perspective, I don't see neither Sally nor Reno aggressively pursuing leadership roles. And Sian making the claim that she "sees work that needs to be done and does it" makes her a good candidate for leadership, isn't quite correct. I think it makes her an ideal worker, perhaps a lieutenant, but not a leader. A leader recognizes work that needs to be done and delegates it to the person with the appropriate abilities. Whether the group sees it or not, Sally and Reno have already been fulfilling the leadership roles by their actions and the group's reactions. I don't think electing a leader would change the fact that everyone would still be involved in the decision-making process. Both Sally and Reno have backgrounds in entrepreneurship and as such realize that no business can run effectively without some sort of central direction. Surviving as a team is much like running a business.

    It's about time they caught an alligator. I'm curious to know what it tastes like. Apparently it's "good". Sally says it takes like "really good pork chops". The colonists look rejuvenated.

    Afterwards, Reno points out that everyone left the house unattended. He's pushing the idea of having someone accountable, a "presidential" figure. The way Sian worded it is what swayed them - which is ironic considering she seemed to be against the idea initially. Robert suggests taking a vote. Michel suggests writing down two names. They're going to write everyone's name down so that the voters only have to check off a name, thereby providing some anonymity (Becka's suggestion?). This should be interesting. I'm guessing the three biggest candidates will be Sian, Sally, Reno.

    The water supply is still lacking.

    The motorcyle construction. I wonder why Sally isn't driving and Reno isn't steering, especially since he made the comment about the torque on a 300 lb motorcycle pushing a 100 lb boat trailer and Sally being only 110 lbs.

    Cockroaches? Really? Have they come to that already? And pasta art. Why not? As for the oil, I'd probably want to keep it for cooking. Doesn't it have some caloric value? Or would it even be edible at this point.

    The fact that Jim's kids left a message for him on the back of the macaroni art tells me that the people behind the experiment expect the colonists to venture out further and that perhaps there are other surprises out there waiting for them. I wonder how long that pasta art has been sitting out there. And if I was one of the colonists, I would be eager to see if there were any messages left out there for me. Why are they not thinking of this?

    The leadership voting. Sian believes Sally is too young and listens to Reno too much. I was really surprised that she checked off Michel's name. Sally won. Good choice, I think. Her acceptance speech was a good analogy of how the group needs to get organized and get moving. Reno seemed to be the only one who didn't look pleased at the end of it. It's hard to tell, he always has the same look on his face.

    I loved Robert's poem on Hope. I missed that, did he write it or was it something he had memorized?

    RAIN!!! "Over 400 damn gallons", says Robert. Most excellent. George seems to think it will last them several weeks. It will if Becka doesn't wash her hair/shower with it every day.

    Show over.

    I can't help but wonder if these people will go into culture shock when they return home.

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