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Thread: Thoughts on E7

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    Default Thoughts on E7

    Now this was an interesting twist on this episode. I have to say it's about time the colony got some survival experiences in their group. The ideas they are still coming up with are great but still some issues.

    1. The naming of the boat I am a maritime and ex - navy. So it has always been an important thing to name a boat and the fact that the logger took it upon herself to name a group boat without talking to anyone about it was wrong. it a point of pride. I believe it could have been handle way better. Becka did over react to this but not as much as Jim did. but they had a right to act this way but maybe not to the extent they did. simple way to fix it everyone tag it with a name they all like. or at least talk it over with people and come up with a group name. Could have been handle way better on everyone's part.
    2. The pregnant lady - better communication should have been done here . compassion is one thing but when it put the group at risk. The fact that they allowed the other with net guns to get so close without sounding an alarm of sort is bad.
    3. The Watch tower - great idea one step closer to beefing up security. Nice job on that.
    4. The Distiller - Now that is a great idea and Michel in my opinion showed his worth to the group for the first time there.
    5. Tick - well I was right in the review I posted in Episode six that it was tick shadowing them. but now that tick is there his skill set can really help these guys and hopefully he doesn't burn them. He has the skills that they are definitely lacking and I think he shown that by putting on that feast for them in a show of good faith and offering that to them. And Bring the pastries to them for a treat on his return in the morning. Let see if he can train them to protect themselves and feed themselves better. only time will tell.
    6. The Episode ended with Reno and Becka finding a phone that was ringing and it was the people that put them here. Nothing more was said but just introducing them self as the episode ended I wonder what interesting twist this will bring.

    Let see how everything pans out not I really want to see the remaining few episodes..

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    Default Re: Thoughts on E7

    Do they really think there's a VOPA that's running this? I honestly thought they were just going along with a pretend-for-the-good-of-the-show sort of thing. It would explain Reno's comment that he thinks that VOPA has forgotten about them. It also makes sense that someone (Sian?) commented in the first epi that she thought that there would be someone there to greet them when they first arrived and tell them what to do. So I'm guessing that they really believe that this deadly flu virus really exists. I guess I'll have to retract my earlier comments that they were forgetting that this was just a controlled experiment and shouldn't be in such fear for their lives. However, one of the consultants (who makes comments during the show) pointed out one or two episodes ago that after a couple of weeks the line between what's real and what's not becomes a little blurry, which still leads me to believe that the colonists must realize that this is all a stage. I mean honestly, who do they think the camera person is working for?

    Oz and I talked a few epis ago about how in times of warfare the enemy will use more innocent, vulnerable looking people to lure their prey into a false sense of security. We saw the pregnant woman as a trap the moment she arrived. All in all, I think the group handled themselves well - compassion balanced with caution. I thought it was funny as hell that Jim was netted after approaching the intruders with his "I'm gonna kick your butt" attitude. Seriously, what was he thinking? Didn't he see that they were carrying some sort of weapon?

    Bad move on Amber's part to unilaterally name the boat, but I think that too big of a deal was made about it. They took that opportunity to point out everything that bothered them about Amber. Given the way she was being spoken to, I think she held up pretty well. I haven't witnessed a lot of her interactions with the group, so it's hard to say whether or not they were being too hard on her or not. Regardless, I think Jim is a jackass. Either he struggles with verbal comprehension or he just has a mean streak that likes to twist what people say to fit his own biases. He can learn a thing or two from Sally, Sian, and Michel (among others) on how to communicate with others in a more respectful manner, even when expressing disatisfaction. I wonder if he's this much of a jerk at home or if this side of him only exposed itself due to the hardship. I think that before their time is up, the colonists are going to witness Jim physically hurt someone inside or outside of the group. He really comes across as wanting to lay a beating on someone. I truly have hope for him that he will come out of this a better person, but up to this point, I still think he's an ass.

    Way to go Michel on the still! He is full of surprises. This guy would make such a great counsellor working with kids or behaviourally-challenged teens. I mean, not necessarily showing them how to make liquor, but in providing some guidance and teaching skills. He seems to be a well-rounded person with and has a good way with people and some natural leadership qualities.

    Tick's introduction into the group was riveting. The look on the dinner guests' faces was priceless and I felt very glad for them. However, Sally shouldn't have invited Tick to join the group without consulting with the others first. Quite frankly, it was worse than what she thought amber did by naming the boat.

    Tick says he wants to take some time to think about it, then joins the group. And there is cake for all. Tick was very much loved at that point. I hope he turns out to be the awesome kind of guy that he appears to be at first inspection. The first thing they showed when Becka jumped into Tick's arms (excitement and thankfulness for the gift) was Reno's expression. Are they trying to drive home to us that they are a couple? His reaction didn't back that up, if you ask me. He almost looked relieved, as if glad to be rid of her. Do I read too much into things? Don't answer that.

    So now that the group is settling into their new routine, Reno and Becka go off to search for food. Reno hears a telephone ringing, which turns out to be a payphone on which the Viral Outbreak Protection Agency (VOPA) is calling them. And the show ends there. Dammit. There's nothing stopping us from watching the rest of the series tonight (okay, this morning), except for the fact that we are dead tired. The suspense will have to wait until tomorrow... or later today, I should say.

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