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Thread: Thoughts on E8

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    Default Thoughts on E8

    Finally someone stepped up to the security issues and started to organize the colony. Tick's plan seems sound but I wonder how it will work out with the hit on them seeming to happen in the middle of preparation.

    1. Scout boat great idea didn't like the idea of it just sitting there in the canal over night unprotected.
    2. The distiller that has produced very well . And even a few drinks of the high octane was shared hehehe. Not only in my opinion should some of them me used for fuel but it is also great for cleaning wounds and someone might want to be set aside for that.
    3. The VOPA dropping those supplies everyone was in agreement that that was a huge mess up on VOPA's account now everyone within mails knows that someone is there and has just been given supplies. So many things done wrong here buy VOPA. the phone call telling them they are being picked up. The hovering around for far too long. the height that they dropped the supplies at wow some Not so smart people in VOPA.
    4. The eminent attack on the colony, It was a matter of time and good to see that they were somewhat prepared for it to happen. and they seemed to move quickly into position and get ready. but hard to tell will have to wait until next episode to see.

    This is getting more interesting with only two more episode left I wonder how this will wrap up and it must come to a climax first so next episode should be a dozy..

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    Default Re: Thoughts on E8

    E8 - 50 Days (epi starts at Day 44)

    Just wanted to start off by saying that I think the narrator took voice lessons from James T Kirk. He needs to pick it up a notch.

    VOPA's message - was that a ploy to make them stay in the same place?

    Sally says she's not used to being a leader. She's a shop owner, isn't she? Doesn't she have any employees or does she work solo?

    In discussing how they're going to handle the potential helicopter rescue, she suggests splitting the colonists up into two groups: the last group consisting of "myself, Tick, Michel, George, Amber because [they] are essential in getting the boat running in case they don't come back." She advises them to pack smart, light, tight. Not sure why she would send Reno off unless it's to get rid of the other leadership figure (which would exlain Sian going on the first group as well), or on a lighter note, to take care of the others. I would have shipped George off and kept Reno. If they get confronted by another hostile group, they only have Tick to protect them. Who knows though, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Michel knows martial arts. I can see her sending Jim off as he only adds an element of chaos and poor reaction/communication response to any tense situation - in or out of the group.

    Jim makes an emotional speech, which is kind of hypocritical since he made negative comments about Amber's emotional speech a couple of epis ago. Didn't he say he doesn't have time for that?

    And Reno makes the interesting comment: "not like a jealous boyfriend type". Hmm. Does he have a thing for Sally? It would explain why he didn't get jealous when Becka jumped into Tick's arms. They seem better suited for one another. Let's face it, in a surival situation, people are going to instinctively start seeking out mates. A strong male is going to want a strong female, and vice versa. I am resisting the urge to start mentally pairing everyone up in a "whaf if" scenario (i.e. what if everyone was forced to pair up, who do you think they would pick/end up with?). Okay I'll say this, Becka would go for Tick as she sees him as the one with the power now. And he's not bad on the eyes.

    I thought the same thing Sally did - the helicopter is making them more of a target. It certainly does scream that there are people there and they now have supplies. Did the helicopter mean to drop the crate like that? Couldn't they have dropped it closer to the ground?

    As for Jim's comment after the struggle to get the dropped loot first, they didn't advance on you, Jim - you advanced on them. They were there first. How do you know the supplies weren't being dropped for them? Maybe they got a phonecall too.

    Wine? Eggs? Really? Surely they didn't mean to drop this stuff the way they did. If this stuff was meant for the colonists, why wasn't it dropped inside their enclosure? I mean obviously it was done for "better TV", but the colonists should have asked themselves if this shipment was really meant for them - or if it was meant to attract everyone in the area. As far as VOPA may know, people would be working together, not against one another.

    Sally made a good call not to segregate anyone after the contact with the outsiders and that they will check each other in the morning. Tick advises that they be prepared for "those 30 people to come back".

    Amber says she can't believe she let them make her think there was hope that they were going to get picked up. From what I saw/heard, they all made it pretty clear that they were preparing for the eventuality that maybe not all of them would get picked up the first time, or that none of them would get picked up at all. Perhaps she wasn't paying attention.

    Receiving the videos from their family members answers the question that the supplies *were* indeed dropped for them specifically. Apparently the videos were to "test their emotional resolve". Michel has a wife and kids? Didn't see that coming. Gee Jim is tough on his kids? Who would have thunk it. Totally saw that. His kids look a bit old to be doing pasta art though.

    Day 45

    Again, it seems that they really believe that this flu virus is a real threat.

    I take back what I said that the experiment controllers might be trying to get the colonists to stay put, because if that was the case, then failing to pick them up and dropping supplies in the manner they did would only encourage them to leave even more so.

    Michel offers the first batch of his "homebrew" to the guys for testing. Why are they drinking their fuel? LOL

    Jim makes the comment that Tick was living over by a bunch of garbage. But you sure found a lot of useful stuff there huh Jim? sounds to me like Tick knows what he's doing.

    They think the people who approached their compound are scouts. Scouts are usually a little more discreet in their observation. Why would they make their observation of the colonists so obvious? Seems that they want the colonists to know they are being watched. Again, is this for "better Tv"? Or is there a realistic strategy behind it?

    Sally and the others seem to place high confidence in Tick's ability to take over management of security. Well anything would be better than what they were doing before. Which was virtually nothing.

    Becka thinks that Tick is "borderline know-it-all" and "cocky". Awesome, coming from a mouthy little model wannabe. Go put your makeup on and let the big people do what needs to be done. Sorry, was that a little harsh? If it was me, I would want someone who had confidence in their abilities. Knowing things does not make someone a know-it-all. Confidence is not cockiness. I still think they should have traded her off.

    A water cannon? Where are they going to get the water from? The lake is contaminated right? Surely they're not going to use their drinking water. Can those compressors be used over and over again? George volunteers to be the target for the test. This should be fun. Looks like they're testing the riot shield as well as the hose. I have to ask again, where did they get the water from? I hope they weren't spraying him with potentially contaminated water.

    George seems surprised that Amber is good with wood. A logger who has woodworking experience? Go figure!

    Just as they're setting the water cannon up, approximately 30 attackers enter the compound. And, of course, the show ends. Dammit.

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