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Thread: The Steam Machine!

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    Default The Steam Machine!

    This one kinda turned my head an d made me go "ooohhhh"

    The Steam Machine! A new Console to add to the collection will it make the PS4 and XBox One and New Wii. Stand aside???

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    What is Valve's Steam Machine?

    The Steam Machine is Valve-developed hardware that is set to be released some time in 2014.[1] Multiple different iterations of the device will be released by different hardware manufacturers, and they will all be running the recently announced SteamOS. Along with the different manufacturers, Valve will also be releasing their own version of the Steam Box. This version will be considered the benchmark for the devices, and the others will highlight other features such as physical design, quietness, price and even power.

    For more details you should check this out!

    and this,

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    Default Re: The Steam Machine!

    I knew they were doing steam os, but a console too?

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