I've been playing CoD: Ghost a lot lately and recently hooked up with a few friends who play the Extinction part of Ghost. Even after I told them I'm a n00b at Extinction they still wanted me to join them so they could show me the ropes. I played it a few months back in solo mode fine with no errors, crashes or freezes.

As of yesterday I could play Ghost multiplayer fine, but every time I loaded up the Extinction part of the game, solo or multiplayer, within a few seconds of the game running it would crash to desktop. After a few tries I knew something was going on. I could still play Ghost multiplayer fine but not Extinction. They're the same bloody game! Well a part of the same game at least.

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So thanx to Dugchugger while I was suffering from trying to duplicate the crash, she was looking up these issues online before I could even ask her. Bless her.

She found that for some people reducing their vid card setting worked for them... but it didn't for me!

I tried rolling back my vid card drivers and that fixed it for me. I was running this driver...

344.11 - WHQL
Release Date Thu Sep 18, 2014

...and it worked after I rolled back to this driver.

331.82 - WHQL
Release Date Wed Dec 18, 2013

In addition to the above content here are some other fixes/tweaks I personally did:

Fix weapon attachment flickering
- run the game in single card settings (if running SLI or crossfire config)

Performance Tweaks
- Turn off Terrain Detail
- turn off Depth of Field and Motion Blur

Graphics Tweak (for higher-end rigs)
- set image quality to extra and change aspect ratio from auto to the aspect ratio of your particular monitor

There are many other fixes, tweaks, enhancements out there, I've only listed the ones that worked for me.

I've been thinking... why are the video companies not keeping current drivers optimized for older games (6mos+). Is it because of size, i.e. would these drivers easily be 2G+ if they kept all games optimized?