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Thread: Favorite Christmas Movies

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    Default Favorite Christmas Movies

    So, as everyone knows 'Tis the Season, and with Christmas comes Christmas movies.

    In an effort to get more in the christmas spirit I wanted to share some of my favorite christmas movies with y'all and to hear some of your favorites in turn. I always liked the comedic christmas movies more than the heartwarming ones, but please, share any all all of your favorite holiday movies

    Now, my top 3 (I have way more than 3, but these top the list):

    1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    2. Christmas Vacation

    3. Scrooged

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    Default Re: Favorite Christmas Movies

    Hmm this one an easy one!

    1. White Christmas (1954)

    2. Scrooge (1970)

    3. The Polar Express(2004)

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