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Thread: RIP Avalon

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    Default RIP Avalon

    Avalon was a former DS member who many years ago went his own way. He was a strong young man, stronger than ANYONE could have guessed... but we just got word that Avalon, a friend and fellow gamer, had lost his fight against cancer yesterday.

    We are so sad to see someone so young, who had fought so hard and for so long -- and had won two previous battles against this horrible disease -- take this turn.

    Avalon, may you sleep peacefully and know no pain. Know you will be missed and thought of with kindness, for the joy, humour and wisdom that you shared with all those around you.

    R.I.P Brother!

    You come from nothing, You're going back to nothing. So what have you lost? Nothing! So always look on the bright side of life.

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    Default Re: RIP Avalon

    This was not expected. Ava (AvalonLand) had been doing well after his surgery last month. We all had so much hope that he was going to beat this damn thing.

    My heart goes out to his family right now, but I really wish I could wrap my arms around my girl, GammaJo. She's already lost one son (Jae) far too young in life... and now this.

    Ava had so much life in him and was always a joy to be around. This is one of my fave pics of him. I was giggling with another player at how much we looked alike... and Ava comes over and joins in the gigglefest. What made it even funnier was that in RL he was a big, strapping, young and handsome man in his 20's (at the time this screenshot was taken)... but in L2, he looked as good in a dress as I did.

    Much love and respect for you, brother.
    Rest in Sweet Peace.

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