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    Default DS Lineage Members

    Heads up to all DragonShadow L2 members!

    There is a Post on the L2 Official Forums we all need to be aware of:

    Quote Originally Posted by

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    Important! Changes to Clans in Salvation - First Chapter


    In the upcoming Lineage II update, Salvation - First Chapter, there will be a major restructure to clans.

    Knight Units and the Academies will be disbanded, any character in these groups will be automatically removed from clans when the update is applied.

    In order to prepare for the update, we recommend for clan leaders to remove inactive members from a clan and move as many active members to the main clan or Guard Units before the update is live.

    Existing Clans that are already level 11 will also have less members slots available initially with the removal of the sub units system. However, 200 Members can be unlocked again by increasing a clan level to 15.

    Thank You!
    There doesn't seem to be a time frame or any more details but I did find some info. Looks like it's already happened on the Korean server... and we are next.

    Not sure how accurate these patch notes are but it will give us an idea

    Quote Originally Posted by
    LINEAGE II: Salvation First Part

    Epic story, which lasted for more than 10 years, the history of the Seven Seals, now opens its latest chapter - Ā«Hand of SalvationĀ».
    O ye bloodthirsty clan leaders, put things in order in your army and prepare for the final battle with the forces of Embryo!
    Changing the Clan System

    1. planned to increase the maximum level of clan level 11 to level 15.
    2. The internal structure of the clan will also be changed: removed squads of knights and Academy. Clan members will be divided into ordinary and elite.
    3. All designated groups Clan leaders will be recognized elite automatically after installing the update.
    4. All members of the teams and academies will be automatically excluded from the clan due to the removal of units and academies.
    5. If you want to remain a member of the clan to clan, you must accept it in the main clan or sections custody.
    6. 18.01.2017 in clans was temporarily increased the number of seats for a more efficient allocation of members of the clan:
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    7. After you install members of the clan in the main clan and guard detachments become ordinary members of the clan.
    8. After you install the leader of the clan and heads held detachments automatically receive the status of the elite members of the clan.

    9. The size of the clan will be distributed as follows:
    Name:  clanchartnew.jpg
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    Changing residences Clan

    1. Increased demands on the level of the clan, who may hold the seat:

    • Clan minimum level for ownership auction clan hall increased from 2 to 4;
    • Clan minimum level for ownership clan hall Rainbow Springs increased from 3 to 5;
    • Clan minimum level of ownership for gripping clan hall increased from 4 to 5;
    • Clan minimum level for ownership strength increased from 4 to 5.

    Reorganization of Classes

    1. In one of the upcoming updates planned reorganization classes Sigel Knights.
    Changing the pumping system

    1. It is planned to adding new content for pumping up to 85 levels.
    2. All of rebirth, but do not define a class will automatically be changed to a specific class of regeneration according to race:
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    • all the characters whose class is changed will receive a special item Chaos Chance according to the basic / dualklassu

    New World Epic Boss

    1. The planned appearance of the new world of epic boss Etis Van Etina:

    • World boss is the maximum level of complexity, which requires maximum players and clans teamwork abilities;
    • raid, for participation in which the servers are competing with each other and only the winner will be able to fight with ETIS Van Etinoy;
    • other servers can help in the battle to destroy the last apostle Embryo Cain Van Holter.

    Throne of Heroes

    1. A new time zone for clans Tron Heroes is added.

    Take part in the Throne of Heroes can only command channel, which consists only of members of the same clan. Zone is a different raid kills bosses with increasing levels of complexity. For the murder of bosses as a reward, you can explore the different abilities of the clan, by Mistlight.

    Here is's take on this. As of right now, as posted above, all this is live only on the L2 Korean servers atm. Not sure what we'll be seeing on our servers, but at the very least, NCWest reps have already warned us about the Clan restructure.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Lineage 2's current tale of Aden has been going for ten years now. The story arc has existed for longer than many of the MMORPGs that we play and write about today. With that in mind, today's update, entitled "Salvation," brings the story to a close with the introduction of the final chapter of the story.

    The story ends with the introduction of a co-operative raid, a private clan hunting ground for clans of level 5 or higher, an increased max clan level of 15, a new system in which players can quickly reach level 85 with "'Special growth of Walter's Knights' benefits," and more.

    A commemorative event has begun alongside the update. From now until March 8th, players will receive various bonuses upon completing missions. Additionally, the Lineage 2 team will select 11 clan banners that "share valuable memories" and share them through the event page, as well as give members of the clans in question "special gifts," which may include game items, gift cards, or other various rewards.

    You can find the full set of patch notes here. It is not yet known when this update will make it to the Western version of Lineage 2.
    Here is the All-Korean youtube trailer for this patch:
    What this means for DragonShadow members:

    ~If you have an academy toon you need to push it through the academy as soon as possible or we lose the rep points thus far accumulated from that toon.
    ~If you need help ask. It is not hard to go from 1 - 85 with mentors.
    ~If you wish to push a toon through the academy act now -- commit and we will make sure you have room.

    With current academy rules in place Clan get rep points. All new players get the benefit of some quests only available to academy toons, clan buffs and whatnot.

    The big thing is the clan get rep points. We need them for clan skills, leveling the clan and use to be for adding knights orders and what. not but not sure how that will turn out in the future.

    Contact me here (by replying to this post or private mail), in the game itself on OzDragon or on Teamspeak. Time is of the essence.

    You come from nothing, You're going back to nothing. So what have you lost? Nothing! So always look on the bright side of life.

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    Default Re: DS Lineage Members

    More info ..

    So Oregon shared this link with me. tons of new info but the date is still up in th e air but rumors are floating around for Dec. 20th so we will have to see.

    Here is the site:

    One of the ting that hit me in the teeth with a boot was this:
    Balthus Knights speed leveling quest series: lvl 0 to 85 in 15 minutes:


    You come from nothing, You're going back to nothing. So what have you lost? Nothing! So always look on the bright side of life.

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